About St. Martin

St. Martin is an island that sits on the north end of the Caribbean Sea. The island is approximately 12 miles long, north to south, and 12 miles wide. At its highest point, Paradis Peak is 1,391 feet above sea level. The island has an area of 34 square miles.

The southern third of the island has a historical and administrative link to the Netherlands. The northern two-thirds of the island have a historical and administrative link to France.

St. Martin is a beautiful island home to coastal lagoons, sand spits, and salt pans. The majority of the island’s inhabitants are descendants of black slaves brought to the island to work the sugarcane. The major source of the economy is tourism. St. Martin offers pleasant beaches and a calm climate.

When you travel to the north of the island, you will see luscious forest-covered hills and beaches. On the northern side, you will find that most of the inhabitants speak French and English and are of African or mixed African and European heritage.

Reasons Why You Should Visit St. Martin

Every year, close to two million international tourists visit St. Martin, spending over $700 million. There are many good reasons why St. Martin is so popular and why you should make it your next vacation destination.

A Vibrant Island

To describe St. Martin as a tropical paradise would be the understatement of a lifetime. In this 34 square mile piece of land, you can enjoy various ecosystems, from mountains to thriving jungles to pristine beaches. The weather year-round is temperate. The island is home to various fruits and wildlife, making this place a paradise in every sense of the word.

Amazing Shopping

First-time visitors are surprised to know that the entire island is duty-free. If you want to get great deals on electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and food, visit the island. Since the prices are tax-free, shopping is a fun and exhilarating experience. You can shop in malls or interact with local people to find out where you can get all of the fabulous things you want to buy cheap.


Diving in Saint Maarten is truly awe-inspiring. There are 17 dive sites along the south side of the island. Typically, the maximum depth is 18 meters. This is a great place for beginners who are getting accustom to diving. Around the island, there is a mixture of ships that have been intentionally and unintentionally sunk. There are coral reefs and encrusted rocks. Vibrantly colored fish and sea life abound. This is why St. Martin is the perfect place to master your scuba skills and have a memorable vacation.

Unparalleled Nightlife

One would think that on such a small island, there is not much to do. They would be mistaken. St. Martin offers a nightlife that combines the best of Caribbean, French, Dutch, and international influences. There are dozens of casinos and nightclubs scattered throughout the island. You will be able to find a bar or pub to fit your style. If you want to enjoy yourself indoors or outdoors, the island offers a party atmosphere with great music, great people, amazing drinks, and scenery you won’t soon forget.

Did We Mention the Weather?

Yes. But it’s worth mentioning again. The Caribbean is renowned for its great weather. And St. Martin is not the exception. To get the most out of your stay, visit us between January and March. During the summer, there is a little bit of rain, especially between May and October. Typically, the max temperature is between 29 and 32°C (84 and 90°F).

Friendly People

St. Martin is truly a melting pot. In addition to its French–Dutch identity, St. Martin is home to more than 120 nationalities. Regardless of nationality, you will see happy and smiling people. They are always cheerful and ready to help. From the moment you get to the island, you are met with a warm reception. When your stay finally comes to an end, you will be sent home with warm wishes and an open invitation to come back to this unique island.

Breathtaking Landscapes

As you travel through St. Martin, you will experience the natural beauty of the island. Traveling to the peaks of its mountains, you will find the best sunsets you’ve experienced in your life. Although St. Martin is a relatively small island, there are plenty of open spaces. As you enjoy the seaside, you will see countless sailboats anchored just off the shore. Everywhere you look, you will feel like you are in an iconic photograph.

Food Capital of the Caribbean

When you visit us in St. Martin, come hungry. We have some of the best seafood. Would you expect anything less? We are an island, after all. There is such a wide variety of cuisine to be found, including high-end French and Lebanese meals to traditional barbecues.

Traditional Creole dishes from goat to oxtail are prepared using culinary techniques passed down through the generations. You can’t leave without trying the nation's national liquor called Guavaberry. This is a combination of sugarcane, wild guava berries, and rum. Enjoy it while you’re here, and take a few bottles home as souvenirs.

If you want casual meals, try one of the open-air restaurants that sit on the beach. Whether you want decadent éclairs, French pastries, tropical drinks, or some of the best gelato you’ve ever had, we’ve got it all. One of the reasons our food is so great is because St. Martin is home to people from all over the world. They brought the best of their cuisine with them, and they are ready to prepare it for you. Visit our Cafe Robin, St Martin