Why You Need to Try Guavaberry Liqueur in St. Martin

Why You Need to Try Guavaberry Liqueur in St. Martin

Just what on Earth is guavaberry liqueur? St. Martin is famous for this alcoholic beverage, and it’s something you definitely need to try before you leave this Caribbean paradise. But why exactly is this drink so special? What does it taste like? And how is it made? These are all important questions, but don’t be surprised if you stop caring about the “how” and “why” after you take your first sip… for more visit Cafe Robin, St Martin

The History of Guavaberry Liqueur

Guavaberry Liqueur has a legendary reputation on St. Martin – one that has spread throughout the entire world. It was first made hundreds of years ago during the colonial times, and it was distilled in private homes within barrels of fine oak. Initially, families simply made enough of this drink for their own personal consumption. As time went on, the alcoholic beverage became an integral part of local culture and tradition, becoming St. Martin’s national liqueur and a symbol of the island’s history. Believe it or not, locals even sing folk songs about this fabled drink.

How is Guavaberry Liquer Made?

The liqueur is made from (you guessed it) guavaberries. These berries (also known as rumberries) are gathered from the wild by hand in the warm hills towards the centre of the island. Despite the name, guavaberries have little in common with guavas and are considered extremely rare. After being collected, the guavaberries are fermented and aged in oak barrels along with cane sugar.

What Does Guavaberry Taste Like?

As you might expect, the taste of guavaberry liqueur is quite unique. Although this drink is technically classified as a type of rum, it’s probably nothing like any other rum you’ve tasted before. After the liqueur has been properly aged, it takes on woody, fruity, characteristics. Perhaps the most unique element of this drink is its spiciness, which sets it apart from other rums. It has also been described by some as “bitter-sweet.”

How Do You Drink Guavaberry Liqueur?

Although you can certainly drink this rum “on the rocks,” you can also create a wide range of martinis and mixed drinks using it as your main ingredient. Many tourists fall in love with guavaberry coladas while visiting St. Martin, and this is a cool, refreshing beverage that is very similar to a pina colada. A guavaberry colada contains just three ingredients: guavaberry liqueur, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice – although many bartenders like to top it off with freshly-grated nutmeg.

Do I Have to Go to St. Martin to Try It?

If you want to try guavaberry liqueur, the best option is to go to St. Martin and taste the authentic experience. However, there are probably a few places in Canada that sell this specialized liqueur if you’re feeling a little house-bound.

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